The World of Boys

The differences between boys and girls is evident very early on in infancy. These differences only become more pronounced as a child ages.

Any parent of a boy and a girl will expound on the differences between the two.

Teachers today can be seen scouring their class lists at the start of the school year looking to see how many boys they have in their classroom.

Teachers do this because they know those boys will most often present a different set of challenges then girls will.  Not to say girls don’t present their own gender challenges.  The drama of girls can wear the best of us down.

There has been a great deal of literature in recent years about the learning styles of boys.

I recently came across research done by Dr. Edmond J. Dixon.  He has a book out on Helping Boys Learn, published in 2013.  In his book he outlines the 6 secrets of boys learning as;

  • Secret 1 – Boys learn where the Action is. (Movement) boys develop more brain-wiring for movement


  • Secret 2 – Boys learn in the Game. (Game) boys love to set goals and achieve them for that shot of testosterone


  • Secret 3 – Boys learn with Laughter. (Humour) boys love funny things and it helps them take on new challenges and build teamwork


  • Secret 4 – Boys learn through Challenge. (Challenge) in their desire to release testosterone, they are drawn to challenge


  • Secret 5 – Boys learn by Mastery. (Mastery) if boys find a good reason to learn something they will strive to master and control it


  • Secret 6 – Boys learn by Meaning. (Meaning) boys want to know ‘why’ they need to learn something


The following interview links with Dr. Edmund J. Dixon are well worth your time to better understand the learning styles of boys.

Dr. Edmund Dixon

The 6 Secrets Helping Boys Learn

Interview with Dr. Edmund J. Dixon

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