Happy Teacher…Happy Students; Happy Students…Happy Teacher!

All teachers know that teaching is both a rewarding and challenging career.  Being responsible for the development of growing minds is a huge responsibility.

It’s an all consuming job which requires teachers to be ‘on their game’ every minute of the day. However, when a teacher’s ‘game is off’, for whatever reason, things in the classroom can unravel quickly or gradually depending on the root and severity of the problem.

Teachers need to ensure they are taking care of themselves in every aspect of their lives.  This is a challenge since teachers tend to put themselves at the bottom of their To Do list.  You need to start moving your needs up the priority list. The caring for and nurturing of your physical, psychological, nutritional and professional well being is essential.

Teachers and students alike have a desire to be respected, honoured and valued.  This desire, despite the behaviors and problems witnessed and felt by teachers and students around the world, is a basic human need.  With so many pressures today on the family unit along with the changing faces of the family and society as a whole, teachers need to create a climate within the classroom which embodies mutual respect, honour and value. This, in itself, is a huge challenge.  When teachers slowly begin to prioritize some of their own needs, it becomes possible to begin to meet more of the needs of their students.

Teachers’ roles are changing rapidly and are often moving far beyond the curriculum.  Teachers are experiencing unprecedented pressures today in the classroom from forces not felt before in the near and distant past. This makes it even more imperative that they ensure they are caring for themselves to give them the strength and stamina needed to help their students.

Start meeting more of your own basic needs before trying to create this positive climate within your classroom. Choose one thing each day to help you work towards improving your own well being.  You will then be able to gradually pass this calm and inner peace along to your students and they will subsequently begin to pass it back onto you.  It will, and can be passed back and forth to carry and sustain you both throughout the school year. 

Your own well being is where it all starts!

Happy Teacher…Happy Students;Happy Students…Happy Teacher

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